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Making the world a better place out of tragedy

On April 7, 2003, Focus foreign editor Christian Liebig was the only German journalist killed in a missile attack in Baghdad, Iraq. A circle of family and friends realizes his dream of equal development aid in Africa by successfully promoting education.

Why is the Christian Liebig Foundation a perfect match for us?

100% of the donations arrive


In contrast to other organizations, where up to 20% of the donations flow into six-figure board salaries, for example, every cent goes to the local projects. The Christian Liebig Foundation achieves this with a small team of volunteers and individual sponsors who cover all administrative costs.

serious and excellent


The Christian Liebig Foundation was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit in 2016 for building schools in developing countries and is under the patronage of the German UNESCO Commission.


implementation experience

In its short history (founded in 2003 after the death of Christian Liebig), much has been achieved in Malawi. 26 schools have been built, giving 26,000 children the chance of an education. Traditionally, it builds a new school every year.


on site
strongly networked

Due to its close involvement in Malawi since 2003, it is a recognized partner in the country. It works closely with the German embassy, the Malawian government and regional companies and communities.

projects of
Christian Liebig Foundation eV

Christian Liebig Secondary School
Mazala Elementary School
Mthawira Primary School
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