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Hope for Malawi

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Malawi is a landlocked country in Southeast Africa. Politically, it is a peaceful, safe and stable county by regional standards. Nevertheless, it is one of the least developed countries in the world.
Together with the Christian Liebig Foundation, we want to build school buildings in remote areas in Malawi, so that these children have a chance to go to school.


Education in Malawi

The quality of schooling is very poor, and about 20 percent of girls and boys cannot attend elementary school. More than one-third of the adult population lacks basic skills in reading and writing. 


sustainable concept

We will not build an expensive private school. The Christian Liebig Foundation is in close contact with the Ministry of Education in Malawi. Together they choose a location, build the school and hand it over to the community. In addition, on-site visits ensure that the school will still exist in 10 years   and will give many children a perspective.

why malawi ?

Malawi is ranked 174 out of 189 in the Human Development Index. By comparison, Germany is ranked 6th, Syria, a country in civil war, is 151st and Yemen, where there is massive famine, is 179th. This shows, how great the need is and why it is imperative that we  act.


Where in Malawi to build?

Our partner organization, the Christian Liebig Foundation, is very well connected in the country. In the south of the country in the region around Blantyre, they have already built 8 schools and have strong connections to local contractors. Therefore, we will build our schools in this region as well.




we have


During the Christmas season of 2021many individuals as well as some Creators and organizations supported our project "Hope for Malawi“. A very generous donation from a Creator with more than 3,000,000 followers on Youtube even exceeded our fundraising goal alone, so that we could start the construction of the elementary school in Malawi.

Together with our partner organization, the Christian Liebig Foundation, we decided to expand the Ndalapa Elementary School near Blantire in the village of Ndalapa. The current "school" consists of only one classroom after a cyclone tore off the roof. For years, only a few children have been able to go to school and exposed to heat and rain. Thanks to the generous donations, we can now change and give every child the best conditions for a golden future.

​The school is expected to open in October 2022 and we will be present at  the opening and share our adventures with you. We cannot describe, how grateful we are to each and every donor!



Schuleröffnung glücklich.png

The first picture of the photo collage best sums up my emotional state when opened our school: pure bliss!

Together with Beatrice von Keyserlingk (2nd picture), the chairmen of the Christian Liebig Foundation (who built the school with us) and the two Youtubers Roman Fink aka "arazhul“ (7th image) and Lars Pohl alias “LarsOderSo“ (4th picture) (who donated a large part) I flew to Malawi to open our first school. From the moment I stepped on the on Malawian soil, I was fascinated by this country: The incredible culture, the joy of life of the people, the hospitality, the importance of being well dressed, and the pride in oneself and one's country. Janet (8th picture), the local representative of the Christian Liebig Foundation, lives and represents these values the most.

During my week in Malawi we visited many schools of the Christian Liebig Foundation until Friday. On Saturday the time had come: we could finally see and open our school. Already the days before we had heard again and again about "the colorful school". But I  never knew, what was meant by that. Because all schools we had seen until then were not painted. But when I saw our school for the first time, everything immediately became clear to me: each class block (12th and 13th picture) is colourfully painted in a different on, making our school the most beautiful I have seen on the whole trip!

Upon disembarking, we were greeted by hundreds of beaming children and villagers with traditional dances and chants. I had never experienced anything like that before. Then came the highlight of the day: the opening of our school. We all cut the inauguration ribbon on  one of the newly built class blocks (1st, 3rd and 4th picture). I think you can see in the first picture, how much this moment meant to me. This moment was also so important to Roman and Lars that Lars didn't want to give the ribbon away (4th picture).

In the end, I think it's important to make clear what we accomplished: We have given over 800 children in an extremely remote community the opportunity to go to school and give them a better future. We have given teachers a new job and a new home, and we have also given children a basic standard of hygiene. We all are incredibly proud of what we have been able to achieve and thank everyone who has supported us!  Of course, a special thanks goes to our donor: Only with you can we create a better world together.
TheNdalapa Elementary School was our first school, but it will certainly not be our lastThis was just the beginning!

Thanks very much,

1. Chairman of LetsBuildASchool eV

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