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We are a special organization. In addition to a small, powerful team within our organization, we have 100+ active and 10,000+ passive supporters who help us with social media activity or find creators' contact information.
Together we have already achieved a lot and will certainly build many more schools in the future. 

board of directors

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Tim Niessner is the initiator and 1st chairman of LetsBuildASchool e.V. He is a two-time Spiegel bestselling author and is committed to development aid in the field of education. He donated  25% of the profits from his first book to "Educate a Child" program of the UN Refugee Agency.
With LetsBuildASchool e.V., he pursues the goal of using modern fundraising to connect successful organizations with young generations who want to actively improve the world.

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Carsten Schaumburg is 2nd Chairman of LetsBuildASchool e.V. He has been a successful construction and real estate entrepreneur for many years. In addition to his entrepreneurial success, he has supported various education and microfinancing projects for decades. With LetsBuildASchool he would like to support new ways of fundraising, so that they will hopefully prevail in the future.

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